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Goldendoodles are awesome dogs! What makes them so great?

Goldendoodles are wonderful dogs.  They have fun and goofy personalities, are extremely playful, and are very affectionate dogs.  In addition, they are very intelligent and athletic. These dogs need a fair amount of exercise making them great walking partners.

When your doodle wants your attention, you will know, and it may be with their famous head slap, as they fall into your lap with their head slapping against your chest. So Adorable!

These affectionate dogs are extremely loyal and always up for snuggles.

Goldendoodles range in size, with three distinct size categories.

Standard Golden-doodles range from 50-70lbs on average.

Miniature Golden Doodle (Medium-sized Dog), ranging from 35-50lbs

Petite/Toy Golden Doodle (small dog size), typically weighing 20-35lbs

The most well-known trait of the Golden-doodle is that they are “allergy friendly.” What makes them allergy friendly comes from the poodle in them.

With minimum shedding, they are a great dog to struggle on the sofa and let sleep in your bed.

While some allergy suffers (such as myself) are able to enjoy the company of their Goldendoodles, some individuals will still have a reaction if they are allergic to dogs.

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Happy goldendoodle at dog daycare
Ralph the Toy Goldendoodle at dog daycare.