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Dog Park Guidelines and Rules

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Dog park guidelines and rules are not always posted at the dog park you may be visiting with your dog for the summer months. Dog park rules are there to assure the safety of dogs as well as their owners. Proper respect for dog parks and other dogs makes the dog park a highlight of a routine for your pooch.

Guidelines of a Dog Park

Proper dog park guidelines are:

  1. Beware of any possible fees or requirements at a dog park may have before you enter. This would include a license for your dog and that vaccinations are current.
  2. The first visit should always be a quick visit. This will help your dog not feel overwhelmed by all the commotion going on throughout the park.
  3. Do not bring a young puppy to the dog park until they are around 9 months of age. Puppies are not fully vaccinated. Doing so could cause serious health risks to your puppy including death. ( contracting Parvo )
  4. A dog in heat should be left at home. This is because a female in heat can start up aggressive behaviors in male dogs or you could be welcoming unexpected puppies.
  5. Bring a personal bowl for your dog. Communal water bowls are a good area for your dog to get parasite transfer from another dog in the park. Also, illness can also be passed around to other dogs.
  6. Do not bring any treats, or personal dog toys, and do not bring any human food into dog parks. These things can create fights and aggression in other dogs, as well as yours.
  7. Do not ignore your dog while visiting a dog park. Pay attention to their body language and still engage with them. Too many people do not pay attention once they let their dog go in the park. A situation can arise at any moment.
  8. Interrupting positive play can discourage your pup from wanting to revisit the park.
  9. Cleaning up after your pooch is important. Roofus will probably go number 2, always pick it up.

Unwritten Rules

Dog park guidelines and rules are usually posted outside of a dog park but there are some unwritten rules to be aware of. Unwritten rules such as always keeping a collar on your dog. This ensures you can get your dog back with up-to-date tags if he accidentally gets out of the gate. Knowing your dog’s personality will help know if a dog park is suited for a dog park or not. Don’t, worry if your dog isn’t one to run around the park with others, this just means your dog is more connected with you than other dogs. Removing an uncomfortable dog from the park is best for everyone. Do not leave your dog in a situation that overwhelms them. Dog parks are a great way to enjoy spending time with your dog. Just remember to always follow dog park guidelines and rules.