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Does Your Pooch Need a Thunder Buddy?

Great pic of an adorable dog hiding from the thunderstorm! Puplife Dog Club. No Kennel Daycare, day or night.

Thunder, lightning, and even the occasional heavy rain can get your darling pup all worked up. It is that time of year when April showers bring May flowers. This doesn’t always mean our dogs handle these storms lightly, and sometimes we don’t either.

Anxiety during thunderstorms is common amongst dogs, resulting in behaviors that can range from paw licking to being destructive. Due to their sensitive hearing, dogs get worked up before we even notice thunder, as they can hear it farther away. Also, static electricity can send an electric current in which a dog’s fur gets all tingly. Electricity from lightning can even be sensed even after the storm has passed. Barometric pressure dropping and the change of ions may also cause a heightened response. There are different ways to help calm your pooch during stormy days.

One of the best ways to keep your dogs calm is to put him or her into the bathtub. The porcelain of the tub blocks the traveling electricity. If you have ever seen your dog jump into the tub during a thunderstorm, this is why. Basements are another great place for your dog to be during a storm. They are also grounded like the bathtub. Keeping your dog busy in a safe place during storms is always a good idea. But if they want to go crawl into a small dark space don’t punish your dog for doing so as they are only doing what comes naturally to them. Dogs are related to wolves which are den animals. These dens make them feel safe and prevent any hidden surprises that may be lingering around. 

There are many products available that can ease the troubles a pup can face during high anxiety times such as a thunderstorm. Lick pads, or chew toys filled with peanut butter are a great way to keep their minds off the storm. Remember to make sure you get dog-safe peanut butter such as Dilly’s Poochie Butter.

Sweet Photo of Yummy Dog Peanut Butter for Lickpads.

Anti Anxiety beds are another great way to keep them calm with raised edges, and memory foam to provide the support of being safe with other dogs. Calming teddy bears have become quite popular as well. You can find these adorable little teddy bears filled with natural calming lavender, at Puplife Dog Club.

Adorable calming teddy bear.

The ability to feel safe during a thunderstorm is one that we may all struggle with, but our dogs struggle with it as well. They can not only sense a storm on the horizon but they also can tell when we are in fear of the storm. Finding ways to relax our beloved friends can also benefit our uneasiness during thunderstorms. A thunder buddy to ride out turbulent weather always makes things brighter even on the most dreary days.

You can read more tips for soothing your pup during storms on ACK’s website here.

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