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Reduce boredom and problem behaviors with enrichment toys for your dog.

white and tan english bulldog lying on black rug
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Enrichment toys are hot this year. Why? Because dogs love them! When dogs are left home alone without enough to keep them busy they will look to entertain themselves. This is where trouble can start. Ever come home to shredded shoes or worse shredded furniture?

These toys help stimulate your dog’s mind as they figure out how to get their treats out of their doggy puzzle or treat dispensing toys. These toys provide entertainment for your pup, which helps reduce problem behaviors by providing an outlet for excess energy and decreasing boredom.

New dog owners struggling with their pups’ high energy or problem behaviors should start with an easy-to-use enrichment toy, such as the Indestructible Treat Dispensing Ball. Starting with a ball like this, and working up into harder puzzles can help keep your dog engaged, keeping them out of mischief.

The Indestructible Treat Dispensing Ball by The Modern Pet Co. (pictured above) is one of our favorite puzzle toys for dogs! It is easy to use and easy to clean. This beautifully engineered ball will keep your pup engaged for hours. This ball requires smaller, training-size treats to function as designed. Fill with Tricky Trainers Crunchy Chicken Liver treats for an extra tasty experience.

Picture of Tricky Trainers Dog Treats for enrichment toys

These healthy treats are free from Wheat, Corn, and artificial ingredients. At only 2 calories per treat, they are a great option for dogs that are on a weight management diet. You can find these treats at Puplife Dog Club Boutique.